GEDC Reports

GEDC Business Centre has  a variety of bilingual reports and publications covering numerous topics, please see below those available for viewing and /or download.


Report Name Size
Greenstone Region Gap Analysis and Market Study 2010 1.25 mb
Greenstone Region Mining Strategy 2010 1.20 mb
Greenstone Fam Tour with Red Lake 2010 3.91 mb
Greenstone Comparative Operational Study 2010 0.42 mb
Greenstone Labour Market Study 2010 0.42 mb
Greenstone Investment Readiness Package 2011 20.6 mb
GEDC Corporate Strategic Plan 2012 1.5 mb
GEDC's Investment Readiness Update Report, June 2014 5.2 mb
Greenstone BR+E Project, March 2014 1.14 mb
2013 GEDC's 25th Historical PowerPoint 9.4 mb
2016-2019 Strategic Roadmap 731 Kb
2015 Starting A Not-For-Profit Booklet 1.0 mb
2015Is your Business Compliant Brochure 389 Kb
2016 GEDC Eco Dev Study 5.5 mb
2016 GEDC Brochure 1.87 mb
2016 Business Outreach Initiative 1.0 mb
2016 Workforce Development Survey Results 650 Kb
2016 New Ideas Business Report 2.34 mb
2017 Business Resource Guide - 2nd Edition 570 Kb
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