Local February 2017 clustering sessions and reports had shown that there were significant challenges and missed opportunities happening in the Forestry sector that GEDC would like to assist in addressing. Therefore GEDC approached representatives from Aditya Birla, AV Terrace Bay, Longlac Lumber Inc., and MNDM to provide further insight at their 2017 AGM.

Common themes with workforce and contractor shortages were noted for both mills where recruitment, attracting and retaining of people and their families to our area is proving difficult. It was a very interactive session with numerous questions and possible solutions being formulated including but not limited to: have clear readily available information for recruiters and interested parties, collaboration between key stakeholders, apprenticeship program awareness, youth strategy, available/accessible relevant trade education at a local level, onsite/field visits to engage youth, enlist mentorship/coaching from retiring population to new recruits… (Session Notes) 


GEDC Business Centre is working with stakeholders on some recommendations that have been made, stay tuned for updates!

We are here to help! We provide numerous services and partnership opportunities through our business development division, 3-tier lending program, and community development projects and activities.



June 2021