GEDC Booklet Series

Check out GEDC's Booklet Series Below!

Booklet 1: Starting a Not-for-Profit Organization

This instruction booklet provides information on not-for-profit corporations, and how you can start your own!

Booklet 1: Starting a Not-for-Profit Organization

Booklet 2: Business Resource Guide

The Business Resource Guide provides information on existing local and regional supporting organizations that can assist with resources available to support entrepreneurs in the Greenstone region.

* Currently being updated *

Booklet 3 : Entrepreneur's Responsibilities

This booklet is perfect if you are considering or have already initiated the process of starting a business. While many books have been written about the most important characteristics of being an entrepreneur (it is not for everyone), this guide will focus primarily on the “responsibilities and obligations” of running a business.

Booklet 3: Entrepreneur's Responsibilities

Booklet 4 : How to Start a Business

GEDC is dedicated in helping entrepreneurs every step of the way – before, during, and after launching a business. Let us help you imagine, plan and execute your business ideas!

Booklet 4: How to Start a Business

Booklet 5 : Effective Proposal Writing

This booklet is perfect if you are an entrepreneur who is thinking about using proposals to offer your products, services, or works to other organizations and you recognize that effectively writing a proposal is essential for your offer to be considered.

Booklet 5: Effective Proposal Writing

Booklet 6: Bookkeeping Basics

This is written for small business owners with little to no knowledge of universal methods for keeping business financial records. This booklet is accompanied by an online Bookkeeping Guide that illustrates in detail how small business owners can perform basic bookkeeping.

Booklet 6: Bookkeeping Basics

Bookkeeping - Full version

Here is a more in-depth look into Bookkeeping. This Guide is designed to pick up where the Bookkeeping for Ontario Small Businesses booklet leaves off. 

Bookkeeping-Full Version


**DISCLAIMER: These booklets are designed to serve as a guide to assist entrepreneurs with planning and opening a business.
Depending on your industry there may be other strategies, regulations / requirements not listed. GEDC strongly
recommends that entrepreneurs seek professional advice before financing / starting a business.