Business Loans with GEDC


FACT:  Over half1 of all SMEs (Small/Medium Enterprises) in Canada required external financing.

FACT:  Approximately 90,000 small businesses in Canada2 did not pursue external financing because they:

  • Were unaware of financing options available
  • Thought applying for a loan was too difficult
  • Thought their request would be turned down

    FACT:  GEDC has a 3-Tier lending system that can help businesses get the financing they need for start-up, maintenance or expansion.

    Benefits to your business:

    • Stabilize your cash flow
    • Flexible repayment schedule
    • Professional guidance throughout the entire process


      Minimum Criteria for Loan Applications:

      • Must operate within our service area
      • Be a registered business in Ontario
      • Have a business plan and financial projections
      • Must be 19 years old

      At GEDC, our qualified business professionals are here to help your business every step of the application process and our services are at no cost to you!  Call or email today to set up an appointment: 807-854-2273 / 


      1Source:  Government of Canada - Key small business statistics
      2Source:  Government of Canada - Key small business statistics