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Business Plan Guide revamped

Posted by Shelly Stanert on 10/6/2020 8:33:08 AM

The GEDC Business Plan Guide was recently reviewed and revamped to a fresh more visual style.  This guide has always been a free resource provided to clients and potential entrepreneurs, along with our “How to Start a Business - Booklet 4”, to aid them in the process of a developing a business plan for  tentative business venture.


Posted by Shelly Stanert on 6/5/2020 12:34:00 PM

Businesses across Northern Ontario unable to access existing relief measures can now apply for funding under new initiative

New Brochure

Posted by Shelly Stanert on 3/17/2020 2:33:48 PM

The Brochure is designed to give business owners a snapshot of some of the Required Postings and Training in addition to other information to consider and be aware of.  There is even a “mock-up” of a Health & Safety Board”! Links are provided for business owners to gain additional information.

Health and Safety Regulations

Posted by Info on 6/18/2019 8:54:03 AM

Health and Safety is a fundamental aspect to every business that impacts both employers and workers. One of the keys to ensuring everyone is safe, and that workers know their rights, is through The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). The OHSA is legislation that applies to all workplaces and is enforced by the Ministry of labour.  The OHSA establishes procedures for dealing with workplace hazards and provides enforcement of the law where compliance has not been achieved voluntarily by workplace parties.

Starting a small business

Posted by Shelly Stanert on 11/1/2018 9:06:48 AM

Starting a small business can be personally and financially rewarding.

Why you need a business plan

Posted by Shelly Stanert on 10/2/2018 2:21:38 PM

It helps you visualize the business / think through the idea

Biggest barrier to expansion?

Posted by Shelly Stanert on 8/3/2018 10:15:17 AM

What’s the biggest barrier to expansion for businesses?

Funding is key to growing your

Posted by Shelly Stanert on 8/1/2018 8:12:56 AM

We offer flexible financing tailored to your specific needs through our 3-Tier Lending Program.

What do you look for...

Posted by Shelly Stanert on 6/19/2018 1:32:53 PM

As a consumer, what do you look for when visiting a business?

Do you have workshop ideas...

Posted by Shelly Stanert on 6/19/2018 1:45:10 PM

Do you have workshop ideas that can improve your business? Is there some aspect of business you would like some more information about?