GEDC holds first Teleconference AGM with membership

The organization held their Annual General Meeting September 1, 2020, which marked the first time ever that a Teleconference AGM was held with the membership due to COVID guidelines in place.   Annual house-keeping matters were addressed along with the presentation of the 31st annual report, providing a snapshot of the prior year’s activities.

FedNor Initiative Officer, Kaarina Osala-Schaaf, congratulated GEDC for last year’s activity.  Noted that it is particularly evident of GEDC’s commitment to deliver regular services and new programming as required. On behalf of FedNor ,would like to acknowledge these efforts and that it is a pleasure working with GEDC Board Members and Staff.

The 2020 Board of Directors are as follows:

Mary-Jane Dunn, President
Frank Hildebrandt, Vice-President
Lori Belzile, Secretary
Calvin Cloutier, Treasurer
Evan Armstrong, Director
Moe Lavigne, Director
Ian MacPherson, Director

Acknowledgement was given to the membership, FedNor, Staff and the Board of Directors for their support and dedication over the years.

GEDC is your local Business Centre, which also pursues projects and activities based on community needs and priorities. We develop and maintain partnerships to support growth and sustainability in the region.  Contact us via email at  or by telephone 807-854-2273.

September 23, 20