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Trusted World Leader and Partner of Choice in Water For safe, reliable and cost-effective clean water services, OCWA is a name you can trust. In fact, more than 180 clients have already put their trust in OCWA, including municipalities, First Nations communities, businesses and institutions. Those clients expect and receive first-rate comprehensive services and solutions of superior value from OCWA. We are the partner of choice for more communities than any other water and wastewater service organization in Ontario - backed by a team of experienced professionals committed to high-quality performance and excellence.

As a Crown Agency of the Province of Ontario, OCWA is committed to ensuring all Ontario communities have access to a provider of safe and reliable water and wastewater services. While we pride ourselves on efficient and effective service, we also believe in the importance of trust and accountability.

Join the more than 180 water and wastewater system owners who have already placed their trust in OCWA. See how our team of dedicated professionals can work with you in meeting your specific water and wastewater needs - everything from operations and maintenance, to facility and energy optimization, asset management and capital delivery, and utility management services.

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