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Now Program


The NOW Program's mission is to stimulate women-owned and women-led business start-ups and scale-ups, by increasing access to business development supports, throughout the Northern Ontario region.  


The NOW Program's SME (Small-Medium Enterprise) Initiative is a funding program aimed to stimulate entrepreneurship by providing access to financial assistance for Northern Ontario women. Their goal is to assist women entrepreneurs start and/or scale up their businesses by offering support for professional services, mentoring relationships, and educational opportunities tailored to their business needs and priorities. Please note, funding is specifically designed to assist with projects that may not qualify for other government programs, ensuring that women entrepreneurs have the necessary resources to thrive in today's competitive landscape. Let the NOW Program be your partner in success as you embark on your entrepreneurial journey.




The NOW Program also offers an HRdownoads Subscription Initiative. This initiative allows Northern Ontario women entrepreneurs the opportunity to apply for a subscription that will assist them and their business will all of their HR needs. (Successful applicants' subscriptions will end May 1, 2026)




For more information on the NOW Program or it's initiatives, please visit



5001 April 2024