About Us

Head Start in Business has been a driving force in entrpreneurship awareness and initiation for the past 15 years.  Over 20,000 youth have participated in our innovative and experiential programs making entrepreneurship more accessible and realistic as a viable career option.


Head Start in Business is a Pan-Northern Community Futures Development Corporation project that encourages youth to explore and expand their entrepreneurial potential while remaining in Northern Ontario.


Young people are aware of the entrepreneurial option resulting in the development of a more prosperous, vibrant and innovative Northern Ontario economy.

What we love to do

  • Deliver consistent bilingual experiential programming aimed at introducing the concept of entrepreneurship as a viable career option to youth (4 to 34).
  • Bridge the gap between thinking about starting a business and actually starting one.
  • Connect young people at an early age to their communities and encourage them to seek innovative solutions to the problems they see.
  • Stem the effects of youth out migration


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