The approach to the Busines Capacity Inventory!


We are approaching targeted local businesses through face-to-face visits and mail-out packages over the next month.  We are visiting businesses throughout Greenstone, so if we miss you on a face-to-face visit we will send out a survey/questionnaire package afterwards. All businesses who have been supplied with a survey will receive a follow-up call to gage interest level and inquire if there are any questions.

The Business Capacity Inventory project is a partnership between Greenstone Economic Development Corporation (GEDC), Greenstone Gold Mines, AV Terrace Bay Inc. and the Municipality of Greenstone. The prospect of the imminent development of the Greenstone Gold Mine, in addition to the present opportunities available in the region through the forestry industry and municipal services have made it necessary for GEDC to ensure that these entities are fully aware of the expertise and resources available in the Greenstone area.

The goal of this inventory will be to outline the capacity of Greenstone businesses, as well as indicate their interest level in partnering to become suppliers to regional development projects. Get your business on the radar!  Help us build an inventory of suppliers for possible future procurement opportunities in Greenstone.   Complete a survey today! 

If we have not reached out to you and you are interested in partaking, please contact us at or 807-854-2273.

May 18, 2018