GEDC Business Capacity Inventory Launch


The Greenstone Economic Development Corporation (GEDC), in partnership with Greenstone Gold Mines, AV Terrace Bay Inc. and the Municipality of Greenstone, is pleased to announce the launch of the Business Capacity Inventory project at the annual Trade Show in Geraldton on April 13-14, 2018. The prospect of the imminent development of the Greenstone Gold Mine, in addition to the present opportunities available in the region through the forestry industry and municipal services have made it necessary for GEDC to ensure that these entities are fully aware of the expertise and resources available in the Greenstone area. GEDC has retained SNC Lavalin Inc. to assist in the execution of this project, building upon previous analysis conducted for GEDC.

The goal of this inventory will be to outline the capacity of Greenstone businesses, as well as indicate their interest level in partnering to become suppliers to regional development projects. As such, we have tailored this undertaking to the needs of the region by actively engaging with the three largest procurement sectors within the Greenstone region: Mining, Forestry and Municipal Services. The business capacity inventory will allow procurement departments from these sectors to identify potential local suppliers that can execute contracts, or parts of contracts, on their respective projects.

Previous meetings with businesses have identified a disconnect that exists between operations occurring within the Greenstone region and local businesses, resulting in missed opportunities locally. GEDC aims to rectify this by engaging with local businesses in order to identify:

  • Inventory of skilled labourers within the Greenstone region;
  • Inventory of availably equipment and technology; and
  • Barriers to business growth.

This information will allow GEDC to further engage with project partners to identify potential suppliers for goods and services during the contract tendering process for their respective operations. GEDC will also be able to use this information to share between compatible businesses, locally and regionally, for contracts that may be too large to have a successful bid as a single entity. These partnering opportunities will assist small to medium-sized businesses to collaborate so they can take advantage of a combined workforce and capital.

 The types of businesses that GEDC is interested in engaging with during this process include those in the following sectors:

  • Construction Services;
  • Skilled Labour;
  • Heavy Equipment;
  • Professional, Scientific and Technical Services;
  • Transportation;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Education Providers / Training Centres;
  • Wholesale and Retail Trade;
  • Tourism and Leisure; and
  • Finance.

The team at GEDC looks forward to engaging with members of the local business community to help showcase their capability, experience and entrepreneurship to the key drivers of regional economic development. We thank you for your interest, and look forward to working with you as we execute this important project in our continuing effort towards our mutual goals of maximizing local procurement, and promoting business sector within the Greenstone region.

If you are interested in collaborating with us in our Business Capacity Inventory and to receive additional information; please email us at or telephone at 807-854-2273.

April 11, 2018