Business Capacity Inventory Project

Business Capacity Inventory Project

During 2018 GEDC undertook the Business Capacity Inventory project in partnership with AV Terrace Bay, Greenstone Gold Mines and the Municipality of Greenstone. The goal of the project was to get a snapshot of the business environment challenges, barriers, identify partnership opportunities and compile an inventory of business information based on questionnaire responses.   The inventory includes a summary of services and resources that were outlined in the questionnaires; which provides “a local insight level” of information for companies looking for certain resources and services. The first edition of the inventory is comprised of 56 businesses and will be updated periodically; this includes changes by existing business on the list or new ones who wish to be added.

Public presentations on the findings and recommendations of the project were held on November 6, 2018 in Longlac and Geraldton - approximately 30 attendees were present. The report highlights the study purpose, assessment and inventory methodology, survey results, recommendations and suggested actions, and next steps. Attendees were pleased to hear that there will be continuity in the project, with Municipality of Greenstone’s new project focused on some of the actions.

Please click on the links below for more information on the GEDC 2018 project:

Business Capacity Inventory Report - includes inventory and questionnaire

Past Press Releases – BCI PR Compilation

If you would like to be added to the inventory or make changes please contact Shelly or Sylvie 807-854-2273 ext. 27 or 21 or via email


As mentioned the Municipality of Greenstone will be undertaking a new project, “Community Business Readiness”, that will address some of the actions outlined in the GEDC Business Capacity Inventory Report. Some actions include but not limited to; procurement engagement, gap analysis of business skillsets / capacity, partnering strategy and partnering 101 workshop.

For more information on the Municipality of Greenstone’s project, please contact:

Haley Garvie

Economic Development & Communications Officer

(807)-854-1100 Ext. 2033

December 2018