Business Capacity Inventory—Survey Stage Complete!


The Survey stage is now complete; during the last three months GEDC has approached targeted businesses, based on their relevance to the project scope, to complete a questionnaire/survey.    GEDC made initial contact via community visits, mail-out packages, telephone calls and emails pending business owner availability.  Through media pieces and referrals additional interested businesses were added to the list.  During the follow-up stage additional community visits, telephone calls and emails were completed as necessary to assist those interested in completing the questionnaire.  

GEDC is pleased to report we obtained over a 50% response rate on our completed questionnaire/surveys. This is a great rate considering some areas can suffer survey fatigue and business owners are generally busy running their business.  Thank you to everyone who participated!

The businesses that submitted their questionnaire will be added to an inventory which will be provided to companies looking for services/resources in the mining, forestry and municipal sectors. The inventory is a live document so updates will be made accordingly upon request of the businesses.  GEDC will also review their online business directory at and update contact information accordingly for those businesses applicable.  Past press releases on the project progress can also be viewed on the GEDC website.

A public summary report will be released on the findings of the project and recommendations. Stay tuned for updates!

Please feel free to contact GEDC with any questions or concerns at 807-854-2273 or

July 20, 2018